Tipi Mike - Guitar, Talkbox
Baal Brain - Guitar
Dirk Jan Müller - Synthesizer
Horst "Sunhair" Porkert - Synthesizer
Paul_Pott - Bass
Dennis Gockel - Drums

SPACE INVADERS...improvised music to travel into space! Mike Häfliger, Paul_Pott (ZONE SIX), Dirk Jan Müller and Dirk Bittner (ELECTRIC ORANGE) found SPACE INVADERS in back in 2010 while meeting on a jam-session at Herzberg-Festival. In sign of Psychedelic-Spacerock SPACE INVADERS did sessions with such veterans as Damo Suzuki (CAN) und Mani Neumeier (GURU GURU). For a gig in Switzerland, they invited Dennis Gockel (Weltraum) for the drums. Soon after he became a fulltime member of the band.

Ex- Members:
Dirk Bittner - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion

Special guests:
Pesche Fischer - Drums
Tom - Drums
Damo Suzuki - Vocals
Mani Neumeier - Drums
Nik Turner - Saxophone, Flute, Vocals
Boris Mihatsch - Guitar
Howie Powerpotatoe - Theremin
Horst Porkert - Synthesizer
Georg Monheim - Drums
Dr.D - Keyboard
Alex - Sax
Armin Wenk - Percussion
Member Memberion - Bass